Learning the Window Replacement Ropes

Nothing lasts forever, as an oft-quoted adage goes, and it certainly holds true in the case of windows. The elements will take its toll on them day and night for years on end. They will weaken in time and warrant a new set of windows, but how do you know when the replacements are just what you ordered?

For one thing, replacement windows consist of two or three glass panes spaced together in a single sash. Argon gas is put in the gaps between the panes. The most important factor when shopping for replacement windows is by determining the R-value and the U-factor of your preferred windows. The R-value is the product’s level of insulation with values ranging from between 0.9 to at least three. The U-factor is the window’s ability to lock in the heat and the numeric values range from 1.1 to 0.3, with the latter having the best heat-retention.

You may have heard of something called low-emissivity glass. This is designed to keep heat in or out of the home depending on the current season – a one-way street in essence. Heat-absorbent glass is great for preventing sunlight deterioration on items nearest to the window such as drapes and furniture.

A replacement window works for your home when you have a good contractor for the job. Best of all, the federal government will reward you for it.


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