DIY Insulation for Your Windows

The nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., typically experiences a mild winter compared to its neighbors. However, Washington, DC locals still have to brace themselves for occasional snowstorms, so they should have multiple layers of clothing ready when they go out. When at home on the other hand, their best defense against the cold temperatures is insulated windows, and thankfully, they can insulate their windows with some DIY tips.

An effective way of insulating windows is to apply caulk to every gap or crack around the window frames. However, the efficacy of this method largely depends on the type of caulking product used, so if you wish to try this to insulate your windows, better get yourself acquainted with the different types of caulk on the market. Latex caulk is best to use in wooden frames, while for metal frames, concrete and mortar repair caulk or silicone caulk are best to use. A few types of caulk like butyl rubber sealant and acrylic-based caulk can be used for both wood and metal surfaces.

Adding window film can also help insulate your windows, and you can easily buy them from any hardware store. All you need to attach window film is double-sided tape, so make sure you have ready if you decide to try this method. Ultimately, if DIY attempts prove too much for you, you should consider hiring window specialists to install new windows for you instead.


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