Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger with these Easy DYIs

You see it on home improvement shows and magazines – those swanky kitchens that look absolutely spectacular. Pondering on how you can make your own kitchen look as fancy as those, you realize one thing: you only have a small one opposite to those others which look like they could fit two living rooms.

Do not fret. These space-enhancing tips will make your kitchen look great, and significantly bigger than it really is.

  • Mirror Magic. Mirrors give the illusion of more space – specifically if you put them adjacent to the living room, it can create the illusion of a direct connection between the kitchen and the living room.

  • Build Up. If you own a small kitchen but with high ceilings, go vertical. Stacking up cabinets will help, but make sure to not let them touch the ceiling to make them appear like common furniture.

  • Armless Chairs. Probably self-explanatory: armless chairs allow more breathing room for people to move about easily in tight spaces.

  • Trays. De-cluttering your kitchen from all those misplaced trinkets and spices will make additional space available for more productive use.

  • Spice Racks. If for some reason you can’t use trays, you can use a slim spice rack to de-clutter your kitchen.

  • Open Shelves. Open shelves create a spacious feeling by removing all those cumbersome cabinet doors.

Feeling claustrophobic in your kitchen? Try these tips for a more relaxed, roomy aura around your pantry and see what wonders they bring.


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